Chapters in a Book

A big fat novel, with many chapters, with ups and downs, with complex characters, not flat cartoony portraits.  And the most complex character of all is you, with your mixtures of…


Keeping a Child Journal

Our children are now in their thirties, but back when they were very young we took a blank book for each of them and wrote about them. We had seen…

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Tourist / Tour Guide

Another Helpful Metaphor in Couples Communication Tourist and Tour Guide A few years back the psychologist John Gray wrote a series of books about the struggles of husbands and wives…

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Yin and Yang

WHAT I'VE BEEN LEARNING ABOUT YIN AND YANGPHILIP B. ROSENTHAL Understanding more about Yin and Yang has been one of the most valuable gifts that I have received in studying…

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Me, Praying?

To my great surprise I find myself praying more lately. I don't think it has nearly as much to do with recent events out in the world as it does…

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A Seven Part Buddhist Prayer

ADAPTED BY PHILIP B. ROSENTHAL There is a seven part traditional prayer that I learned from the American Buddhist writer Pema Chodron that I have adapted and teach to my…

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